Gastric Sleeve Price



We offer a no hidden fees cash pay pricing.

The prices shown are what you pay.



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Mission Regional Medical Center

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Cash pay program


Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy                        $9200 (RGR)    $9250 (Mission)

Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass                                 $13650 (RGR)    $11800 (Mission)

Laparoscopic revisional Sleeve                              $10200 (RGR)    $10250 (Mission)

Laparoscopic revisional Bypass                             $14650 (RGR)    $12800 (Mission)

Office evaluation                                                        $200

Preoperative OPTIFAST® meal replacement plan $285

Combination price Sleeve*                                        $6700 (RGR)    $5800 (Mission)

Combination price Bypass*                                       $9050 (RGR)    $6800 (MIssion)


Prices includes Hospital stay, anesthesia and surgeon fees


Prices do not include Psychology, Dietary evaluations

Price does not include pre-op meal replacement diet (cost $285)

*Please ask for more details

*Prices may vary




Attend a free seminar at the hospital or watch video seminar at our office:

  • Rio Grande Regional Hospital: second Wednesday of every month, 6 pm
  • Mission Regional Medical Center: fourth Wednesday of every month, 6 pm
  • Watch video seminar at the time of your first visit
  • Also Available on YouTube


Office Visits and Follow-ups are in McAllen

  • First time in our office: $250 (cash or credit card)
    • Watch educational video
    • Get blood work (you need to be fasting). Tuesday-Friday 8am-12pm
    • EKG, CXR (if needed)
    • Fill bariatric surgery questionnaire
  • Second time in the office $200 (cash or credit card)
    • medical evaluation, labs and EKG reviewed
    • will get vitamin samples
    • meet with Dr. del Pino
  • Need psychology evaluation (not included)
  • Need dietary evaluation (not included)

Scheduling Surgery and Registration

  • To proceed with surgery, you must pay total balance ONE WEEK before surgery.
  • Payment covers Hospital stay for two nights, surgeon and anesthesia fees.
  • It also covers one postoperative visit with Dr. del Pino
  • Once you pay you can schedule your surgery date
  • Surgery days
    • Mission: Wednesdays and Fridays
    • Regional: Mondays and Thursdays
  • Patients are given a prescription for pain medicine that they will use after the operation. They should fill it before the surgery.



  • You must register one day before surgery in the am
  • The anesthesia team will evaluate you at the time of registration (included)
  • Females will have a pregnancy test that day (included)
  • Surgery is cancelled if you are pregnant ($300 retention fee)
  • Labs, CXR or EKG may need to be repeated (included)


Diet before surgery


  • You must follow a medically prescribed liquid diet before surgery
  • The diet reduces the size of your liver and decreases the chance of complications
  • A simple 5 shakes(Optifast) per day diet.
  • Sugar free, calorie free liquids are allowed.
  • No soups, no salad.
  • Drink plenty of water to keep you well hydrated.
  • You may drink sugar free jell-O or sugar free ice popsticles.
  • Splenda, and other artificial sweeteners are ok
  • Diet costs (not included in price)
  • Your will diet for 1-4 weeks, depending on your weight and BMI/ or Surgeon recommendations.


Day of surgery

  • We recommend the patient to be accompanied by one family member.
  • Rooms are single occupancy, with private restroom, accommodate one visitor.
  • You will meet Dr. del Pino before surgery should you have any questions
  • The nursing staff will get IV access
  • You will take pain medications before surgery to decrease postoperative pain
  • You will be assigned a private room on the surgical floor
  • We recommend one relative to stay with the patient during the hospital stay


In the Hospital

  • After 3 hours, you sit up, you get up, then you start walking
  • Walking avoids pneumonia and leg blood clots
  • Pain is like soreness after doing many sit ups.
  • You will feel pressure in your belly, like gas bloating, sometimes in your chest
  • After surgery, you will stay on a liquid diet for two weeks.
  • You will have a BM every 3-4 days.
  • You can use liquid laxatives if you have a hard time going to the restroom
  • You may drink sips of water and ice chips after surgery.
  • Don’t drink fluids if you feel nausea. Ask for anti-nausea meds
  • You will start a clear liquid diet the next day after surgery
  • Expect to be discharged home one day after surgery after seen by Dr. del Pino
  • Dr. del Pino makes rounds at around 6-7 pm.
  • It is very unusual for patients to require a second night stay in the hospital (no additional payment is necessary for a second night stay)
  • The criteria for being discharged home are: ability to take liquids by mouth, good pain control, and being able to get up and walk.
  • If the nurses on the floor can’t resolve your problem, ask them to page Dr. del Pino or whoever is on call for him. There is always a surgeon on call 24/7.
  • The doctor may take a while to answer because he is usually operating. If no answer in one hour, ask nurse to page doctor again



  • Most people drive after 4 days
  • Most people go back to work in 1-2 weeks if your job is not physical
  • The main complaint after surgery is weakness (you only drink liquids for two weeks)
  • It you get nauseous and can’t stay hydrated (unusual) we will give you IV fluids in our office (cost $100).
  • Don’t wait until you are severely dehydrated to call us. IV fluids will avoid a hospital/Emergency Room admission
  • Most people can run, bike after 2 weeks
  • Ok to go to the gym or do heavy lifting 4-6 weeks after surgery


Follow up

  • Follow up visits are in our McAllen office on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
  • First follow up visit is included in the package
    • Doctor will see you in office for Post Op visit and instructions.
  • Additional visits are $100
  • We recommend follow up at 3, 6, 12 months after surgery,
  • Then once a year
  • You will need lab work on those follow up visits (not included)
  • You can get blood work with us (4-5 days before visit please)
  • You will have to take vitamins daily after weight loss surgery


Candidates for Surgery

  • Doctor has final word and decides if patient is a candidate for this offer
  • BMI must be 50 or less, weight 300 or less
  • $500 additional fee applies if patient weighs more than 300 lbs. or BMI higher than 50
  • $500 additional fee applies if you had previous major abdominal surgery
  • $1000 additional fee for patients with previous weight loss surgery operations (revisional surgery)
  • $1000 additional fee if hiatal hernia is repaired (10% chance, found at time of surgery)
  • $1500 additional fee for same time gallbladder removal
  • Additional fees apply if abdominal hernia repair is needed. Cost varies
  • Patients with lap band must have Endoscopy prior to any possible surgery consideration. This offer does not apply to them
  • Patients with previous major abdominal surgery may not qualify for this offer
  • Patients with abdominal wall hernia may not qualify for this offer
  • Additional evaluations (cardiac, pulmonary or psych) may be needed. Cost not included
    • If patient is high risk
    • If tests results are abnormal
    • If Dr. del Pino finds it necessary
  • If you suffer heartburn or regurgitation, upper endoscopy may be needed (not included)
    • in office endoscopy cost $500: awake, trans-nasal, with local anesthesia
    • in hospital cost varies: patient is sedated
  • Ultrasound of the abdomen may be needed to rule out gallstones, cost not included



  • $9250 is cash price for this offer at Mission Regional Medical Center.
  • Credit cards accepted, 3% processing fee.
  • Care-credit accepted, 13.5% fee applies
  • Patients must pay in full at least one week before surgery date.
  • If patient cancels surgery after paying, a $300 retention fee is applied.
  • We don’t take personal checks.
  • Preop diet cost is not included ($140/week), 1-2 weeks needed
  • Psychology and dietician evaluations are needed, cost not included


Other Important tips

  • If no heartburn, endoscopy to check for hiatal hernias is optional.
  • If no abdominal pain, ultrasound of the abdomen to rule out gallstones is optional
  • This price does not include
    • Psychology and dietary evaluations.
    • Pre-op meal replacement diet.