Sleeve as low as $5,800*






  • This offer is for you if your insurance plan (IP) does not cover weight loss surgery (WLS).
  • This price is only valid for WLS done at the same time of an abdominal surgery (AS).
  • You must be a candidate for WLS (BMI must be 30 or higher). 
  • Medical, psychology and dietary evaluations are mandatory before WLS.
  • The AS is medically necessary and approved by your IP.
  • Examples of AS: umbilical, incisional or hiatal hernia repair, gallbladder removal
  • Offer valid only at Mission Regional Medical Center (MRMC). Mission Texas USA
  • Your IP must cover the cost of AS at MRMC (hospital must be in network with your insurance)
  • Your IP must cover the cost of the Dr. Del Pino performing AS. (doctor must be in your insurance plan network)
  • We will verify your IP covers the cost of your AS performed by Dr. Del Pino at MRMC. 
  • You will be responsible for the copays and deductibles associated with your AS as required by your insurance plan.
  • Medicare, Medicaid, most private insurances accepted
  • The COMBO SPECIAL price does not include
    • costs (copays, deductibles) associated with the AS.
    • costs of mandatory preoperative evaluations (medical, psychology, dietary) for WLS patients (approximately $500 if not covered by insurance).
    • copay for first visit with Dr. del Pino to evaluate your condition requiring AS.
    • costs associated with tests to determine if you have a condition that requires abdominal surgery (for example: endoscopy, CT scan, x-rays, ultrasound))
    • additional fees apply if this is a repeat weight loss surgery(sleeve or bypass with lap band removal, sleeve to bypass conversion, re-sleeve, etc.) Call us for info.
    • meal replacement diet that is mandatory before surgery. 1-2 weeks. Cost $145/week
  • Cash price includes
    • hospital stay and meds (up to two nights)
    • anesthesia charges (includes preoperative evaluation) for WLS
    • pathology charges for WLS
    • surgeon fees for WLS 
    • First postoperative visit
    • Vitamin samples




  • How do we know if you need abdominal surgery?
    • You have a “lump” in your abdomen (belly button hernia, incisional hernia)
    • Hiatal hernia: suspected if you feel a burning sensation in the stomach or chest (heartburn) or if food or acid comes back up after you eat or lie flat.
    • A hiatal hernia is diagnosed with a test called upper endoscopy or EGD
    • Endoscopy is done in the office or in the hospital. Copays/deductibles will apply if you use insurance.
    • Price for office endoscopy is $500.
    • Price for Upper GI series is $200 at Mission Hospital (January 2018, price may change)
  • How do we know if your gallbladder needs to be removed?
    • You have gallstones or sludge or a “lazy” gallbladder: you feel indigestion, bloating, nausea, vomiting, right lower rib or upper abdominal pain that sometimes radiates to your back or shoulder (specially after eating).
    • You have gallbladder polyps (no symptoms)
    • A test may be needed to diagnose gallbladder disease (covered by insurance): abdominal ultrasound or HIDA scan (x-ray).
    • Surgery must be paid one week before surgery
    • Financing available with
    • Patient is responsible for care credit fees.
    • Surgery cancellations subjected to $300 retention fee for processing costs
    • Checks are not accepted
    • Credit cards accepted (3% additional fee to cash prices)
    • Discount price apply if you pay with cash or cashier checks: 
      • Sleeve $5500
      • Bypass $6500
  • Weight Loss Surgery candidates
    • BMI 30 or higher
    • Weight less than 300 lbs. ($500 additional fee if >300 lbs)
    • BMI limit is 50 ($500 additional fee if BMI>50)
    • Preoperative meal replacement: 1-2 week diet required (available at doctor’s office, $145/week)
    • Must have medical psychology and dietary clearances (insurance usually covers)
    • Must stop smoking 4 weeks before surgery
  • Out of Town Patients
    • Must verify insurance coverage for abdominal surgery at MRMC with Dr. del Pino (both the hospital and Dr del Pino must be in your insurance plan network, otherwise this offer does not apply)
    • Checks not accepted. 
    • Need to be in town in am one day before surgery to see doctor del pino and to go through hospital registration process (price includes anesthesia evaluation)
    • Preoperative evaluations and tests should be done at home
      • Medical evaluation
      • Psychology evaluation
      • Dietary evaluation
      • Lab work
      • EKG
    • $300 fee to start verification process. We take credit card (credited towards surgery cost, retained if surgery not done)
    • Package does not include pre-operative evaluations, airfare, hotel stay or transportation costs 
    • Most patients leave town 2 days postop. You can fly or have somebody drive you



Dr. Mario Del Pino is a board-certified, fellowship trained weight loss surgeon with 15 years of experience. He is the Director of Rio Grande Regional Hospital ASMBSQIP approved bariatric surgery program.


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   Cash Program Prices

  • Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy                                          $8950

    Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass                                                       $10900

    Laparoscopic revisional Sleeve                                                  $9950

    Laparoscopic revisional Bypass                                                  $11900

    Office evaluation                                                                           $150

    Preoperative OPTIFAST® meal replacement plan     $280

    Combination price Sleeve*                                                           $5500

    Combination price Bypass*                                                           $6500


    Prices includes Hospital stay, anesthesia and surgeon fees

    Prices at Rio Grande Regional differ

    Prices do not include Psychology, Dietary evaluations (cost $150, $85)

    Price does not include pre-op meal replacement diet (cost $285)

    *Please ask for more details

Clearance Package: $500 (mandatory for all weight loss surgery patients)

  • Medical Clearance
  • Dietary Clearance
  • Psych clearance

Additional Charges

*Prices do not include evaluations that are mandatory before weight loss surgery: medical, psychology and dietary.

Credit card payments subjected to 3% fee

Patient is responsible for care credit fees

See if your insurance covers bariatric weight loss surgery:

Not all insurance plans cover weight loss surgery. We offer free insurance verification. Please call our office at (956) 631-8155 and have ready your insurance information, date of birth and contact information. We will get back to you in a week.

Care Credit

Please click the Care Credit link below to fill out an application form and find out right away if you qualify for credit for weight loss surgery. Please ask us about available patient financing programs during the patient seminar or your office visit.

Patient is responsible for Care Credit fees.

Care Credit Syste