Medical Weight Loss

 Now offering a Medical Weight Loss Program


Dr. Del Pino Certified Bariatric Surgeon is now offering a Medical Weight Loss Program, which is ideal for patients who desire to lose 20 or more pounds. Weight Loss Program allows the patient Jumpstart their weight loss goals and helps meet them in a shorter amount of time. All without the need for surgical intervention. This program is physician supervised.

Safe and Effective Weight Loss Program to Help You reach your goals!

There is no “magical” pill but we offer a program that can produce impressive results in a relatively short amount of time. It consists primarily of a low carbohydrate, high protein diet. When indicated, a prescription appetite suppressant may be included. Not all patients may qualify for appetite suppressant. However, you may still qualify for our diet and exercise program.

On you first visit we will perform a health screening; which includes checking vital signs, blood work, and EKG.

This will be followed by a consultation with our medical weight loss specialist, who will review the tests results with you. If we find no contraindications, a meal plan will be provided. Also a prescription for appetite suppressant will be prescribed for those who qualify.

This initial Consultation fee of $250 includes the labs, EKG, meal plan recommendations and an evaluation by the Medical specialist. Other options include a meal replacement plan with medically prescribed Optifast™ products (additional fees apply for Optifast products)

Obesity is a chronic progressive disease and it requires chronic treatment to avoid relapse. Therefore, after the initial visit, monthly visits will be scheduled to help you reach your goal and avoid weight regain.  Subsequent monthly visits are $100.00 and include medications if you qualify for them.

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